New Luce History Club meets in the Hall once a month on the fourth Monday in the month at 7.30 pm. Everyone with an interest in New Luce history is welcome.

PUBS IN NEW LUCE 1839-1939

In the past New Luce was well supplied with pubs and inns.  The 1839 statistical account states that there were 3 pubs serving a population of around 180 villagers.  We’re not sure exactly where these were but we have uncovered quite a bit of information on the pubs, their owners and licensees over the following century. The pubs have their own category added to the list.


The History Club has gathered information on who lived in the houses in Main Street, New Luce. The work is not complete but you can get a preview by clicking on the Houses tab in the Menu


Davy has brought along a file containing some of his memories of growing up in New Luce. You can find it in a category all of its own from the list on the right/below. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


Hello Folks,

This would be an appropriate time to publish some information that was passed to us a wee while ago now.

We are very much indebted to Kenneth Morrison from Rockcliffe near Dalbeattie who has researched the names of the men who are recorded on the War Memorial outside our Kirk here in the village.

World War 1 will be brought into focus this year so we are very fortunate to have this information as it will help us all to remember and appreciate the sacrifice that these brave souls made.

Go to Recent posts to see the Names on the War Memorial –   on the right hand side of this page.


The Village of New Luce is a very special place for many people.  Whether you live here at the moment or if you have ever lived here in the past, it will aye be that place you call hame.

The community here has always enjoyed a reputation for being friendly and welcoming; it’s the nature of the place, hidden away, as it is, in The Moors of Wigtownshire.  Perhaps it’s that seclusion and feeling of remoteness that gives the place such a special charm.

A foolish notion in the public bar of the Kenmuir Arms on Boxing Day 2000 gave birth to The Boxing Day Club.  This group of local enthusiasts have gathered up pictures, stories, and anecdotes over the last decade and now feel the time is right to share them with the outside world.  For the moment some of the photos have captions attached and some have not.  Hopefully over the next few years, with your help, we will build on this foundation that we are laying down now

If you are fortunate enough to have an association with the village, its community or the farmlands that surround it we hope you enjoy our website.  Feel free to join in the craic at any time.

The site is managed by volunteers who will endeavour to interact with anyone who gets in touch but please bear with us if things don’t happen right away; it’s the village life.

There’s a whole day no started the morn.

The Boxing Day Club