Village Residents – Top of Main Street

The information is from 1840 to the 1950s. The sources were valuation rolls, census and the memories of people who lived in the village. Although the census and valuation rolls should be accurate, the memories of the Boxing Day Club (1930s and Davy Hardie (1950/60s) are open to correction.

The map is from the 1950s so some of the houses may not have existed in the earlier periods and some will have been demolished and rebuilt in later years.

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Village Residents – Top of Main Street
No 1 Main Street No 3 Main Street No 5 Main Street - The Stair Arms The old property on this site was originally no.7 but now only forms part of new house no.7 The old property on this site was originally no.9 but now forms part of new houses nos7 and 9 The old property on this site was originally no.11 but now forms part of new house no.9 No 13 Main Street No 15 Main Street "Knockiebay" No 17 Main Street No 19 Main Street No 21 Main Street No 23 Main Street No 25 Main Street - The Smiddy Rear of no 25 and 27 Main Street – house and joiner’s shop No.27 Main Street Commercial Hotel until c.1910 No 2 Main Street No 4 Main Street No 6 Main Street No 8 Main Street No 10 Main Street No 12 Main Street No 14 Main Street No 16 Main Street No 18 Main Street No 31 Kenmuir Arms

No 1 Main Street

1865-1881: Peter Douglas, carrier

1885, 1891: William Wright, shepherd and son James, surfaceman

1895-1905: James Wright, surfaceman

1911-1925: Charles Hardie, labourer

1935: Mary Hardie, widow

Late 1930s, 1950s Jimmy, Peter and Jess Hardie (brothers and sister)

No 3 Main Street

Sometimes two households

1871, 1875: James Tweedie, forester

1881; Robert Tweedie, railwayman

1885-1905: Gilbert McGowan, surfaceman

1911: Maggie McGuire and family, George Douglas

1915: William Wilson, surfaceman

1921: Janet Wilson

1923: Janet Wilson, James McGill retired stationmaster

1930s: Janet Crellin, James McGill

1950s/60s: Mr and Mrs Crellin, Alex Kelly, joiner and Mrs Kelly, dinner lady

No 5 Main Street - The Stair Arms

1837-1871: William McMillan

1875, 1881: Annie Collins

1885-1895: Robert McJannet

1901: Maggie Ann McJannet

1905, 1911: James Baird

1915-1937: Margaret Edmunds

1940, 1950s: Wullie and Mrs McGibney

The old property on this site was originally no.7 but now only forms part of new house no.7

1851-1871: Sarah McGraw, lodging house keeper

1881-1885: Margaret McGraw, lodging house keeper

1881-1901: Mary Gordon, washerwoman/farm worker/ steamstress

1905-1921: John McKie, labourer

1925: Alexander Boyd, labourer

1930s: Tom Stevenson

1950s: Johnny Wilson and Jean McMeiking

The old property on this site was originally no.9 but now forms part of new houses nos7 and 9

1871-1881: William Love, carter (later moved to no.28)

1885-1900: Jane Boyd, servant/farm worker

1901-1930s: Annie McLure (daughter of Jane Boyd)

1935: Thomas McMurtrie

1950s: Mrs Higgins

The old property on this site was originally no.11 but now forms part of new house no.9

1881: Rebecca Sproat (nee Nish)

1885-1905: James Sproat, pointsman

1911-1925: Alexander Irving, roadman

1935: Charles or Davy Phillips, labourer

1950s: Mr and Mrs McLean (holiday home)

No 13 Main Street

1881-1895: Mary McQuaker, widowed sewer

1901: empty

1905: Margaret Baird

1911-1930s: Jimmy Love, stonedyker

1950s: Mrs Sherry

No 15 Main Street "Knockiebay"

1865-1917: Fergus Baird, stonedyker, farmer, grocer, spirit dealer, publican

1920-1948: Jane McMeiking Baird ‘Meikie’

1950s: Jim Todd, West Freugh

No 17 Main Street

1881: Robert McKie, railway platelayer

1891, 1895, 1901: William McDowall, railway surfaceman, foreman platelayer

1905, 1911, 1915: Mary McDowall, widow, school janitoress

1920: Agnes McDowall, spinster

1924: Mary Kerr

1925: Agnes Blackwell, spinster

1930, 1935: Thomas McMeeking, signalman

1950s: Jim Todd’s summer holiday home

No 19 Main Street

1871-1875: William Park, labourer, and brother John, blacksmith

1881: Gilbert McGowan, labourer

1885-1911: often unoccupied

1915: Robert King, hawker

1920-1930s: Hugh Kelly, surfaceman

1950s: Charles Hardie

No 21 Main Street

Often unoccupied until 1911

1915-1920s: Robert King, hawker

1920-1935: Robert Lindsay

1930s-1950s: Lindsay family from Glasgow

No 23 Main Street

1851-1871: Samuel McGaw, joiner

1875-1921: William McGaw, joiner

1925-1935: Annie McGaw, widow, and son Samuel

1940: Thomas McMeeting, railwayman

1950s: Mr and Mrs McMeeking

No 25 Main Street - The Smiddy

1855: Hugh Blackwell, blacksmith

1865: Robert Blackwell (minor) and sisters

1871-1881: Samuel Murray/McMurray, blacksmith

1885-1911: John Murray/McMurray, blacksmith

1915-1921: John and Samuel Murray, blacksmiths

1925: Thomas McKillops, blacksmith

1930-1940: Charles Campbell, blacksmith

1950s: Hughie and Mrs Kelly

Rear of no 25 and 27 Main Street – house and joiner’s shop

1871-1891: James McNish/Nish, joiner

1895-1905: John Nish, joiner

No household 1911-1930

1935-1940: Elizabeth Muir, widow (Andrew Fraser has the joiner’s shop)

No.27 Main Street Commercial Hotel until c.1910

1861-1875: Janet McKenzie nee Kenmuir, innkeeper

1881-1901: Charles Kenmuir, innkeeper

1901: James Baird, innkeeper

1911-1921: Peter Fenion, carrier

1925-1950s: Agnes Fenion, widow, and son Bob

No 2 Main Street

1840-1861: John McNeillie, labourer/weaver

1881, 1895, 1901: Charles Hardie, agricultural labourer

1905, 1911, 1925 Thomas Rice, labourer

1921 Helen Rice, dressmaker

1930s: Peter and Sally Kevan, Special Policeman

1950s/60s: Charlie and Mrs Hardie, Signalman New Luce

No 4 Main Street

1840-1841: Andrew McWilliam, stonecutter

1851-1855: James Bell

1861-1865 Mrs Mary Bell, widow

1841-1861: Mary McGinn (part of property only)

1865-1871: Jane McGinn (part of property only)

1881: Jane McGhie, labourer’s wife

1891: John McGhie, labourer

1895: Jane McLean

1901, 1905: Thomas McLean, dyker

1911, 1915, 1925: James Edgar, railway clerk

1921: Janet Edgar

1930s: John and Elizabeth Nish, Joiner

1950s/60s: Mr and Mrs Speller the Hugh and Mrs Wilson

No 6 Main Street

1840-1871: Thomas Baird, stonedyker and farmer

1875, 1881: David Baird, stonedyker

1885: David Baird McLean, stonedyker

1891: Jane McLean and son Thomas Baird McLean

1895, 1901, 1905, 1911: David Baird McLean, stonedyker and platelayer

1911, 1915: Thomas Baird McLean, stonedyker

1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1938: Janet McLean, widow

1930s, 1940: James Baird McLean (Jimmy)

1950s/60s: Jimmy and Mrs McLean (Polly Hewitson), Hill drainer, Little Larg

No 8 Main Street

1840-1855: John McNeillie, weaver

1851-1855: Charles Kelly, shoemaker (part of property only)

1861: Jane Edgar, farm servant’s widow

1865-1875: Fergus Baird

1881: Alexander McGowan, farm servant

1885: John Blackwell, farm servant

1885: Alexander McGowan, farm servant

1891: Ann McGuire, field worker

1891: James McGuire, labourer

1895: Mrs Ann McGuire

1895: Miss Jane Boyd

1901-1905: Miss Margaret McGuire, agricultural labourer

1901-1920: Miss Mary McGuire, agricultural labourer

1915, 1920: Kate McGowan

1925: Thomas McMeeking, signalman

1930: William Jess, drainer

1930: Mary Bodle, widow, milk resp

1935: John Wath, labourer

1938: William Rennie, cheesemaker

1940: William McGhie, labourer

1950s: Netty Agnew then Mr and Mrs Ramsey

1959-2011: Miss Pearl Ramsay, worked at Nestlé Dunragit

No 10 Main Street

1840-1881: James Ross

1840-1855: Dennis McGuire (part of property only)

1861-1871: Robert Kerr

1881-1885: James Wilson, coal agent

1891: Mary Kerr, former domestic servant

1895-1920: James Wilson, coal agent

1925 to 1960s: James McCaig (Jimmy Caig), forester/roadman, and wife Daisy

No 12 Main Street

1840: James McKenzie or McWhinnie

1841-1855: Robert McClure, weaver, son in law Hugh Blackwell, blacksmith

1861,1865 Samuel Murray, blacksmith

1871, 1875: Elizabeth Fenion, nee Blackwell

1881, 1885: Daniel Fenion, agricultural labourer,

1885, 1891,1895, 1901: James Fenion, labourer, general dealer, cattle dealer

1911, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1938: Agnes Fenion (Curly Fenion), beekeeper

1940: unoccupied

1950-60s: Johnny and Elsie Kelly, pylon construction

No 14 Main Street

1840-1865: Charles McNeillie, mason

1871-1885, 1901: James and Alexander McNeillie, masons

1891, 1895. 1905: Alexander McNeillie. mason

1911-1925: William Murphy

1930s: Mrs Agnes McGrady, Farm worker Hardcroft

1950s/60s: Jimmy Muir (Mare). Worked on electricity pylons (foreman)

No 16 Main Street

1840-1841: Sarah McGraw, bead seller

1851-1891 Charles Kelly, labourer

1851-1855: Peter Boyles, blacksmith

1895- 1925: Michael Keatings, labourer, railwayman and grocer

1930s: Robert and Jenny McCreadie (Kelly), Railwayman

1950s/60s: Bob McCreadie

No 18 Main Street

1840-1841: James Steven, grocer and tailor

1851, 1855: Annabella Steven, widow and daughter Christina

1861-1875: Christina Steven, sewing teacher and postmistress

1885: Samuel McKie, Charles Brennan and Isabella Boyd

1901: Isabella Boyd or Nelson

1895-1901: John McGhie and William McCreadie, labourers

1911, 1915: Charles Hardie, surfaceman

1921: Margaret McGuire

1920, 1925: Alexander McGuire, labourer

1930s: Meg and Bess McGuire, Farm workers

1950s/60s: Bess McGuire

No 31 Kenmuir Arms