New Luce Ministers

1647 John Crooks

1659-1663 Alexander Peden

1663- vacant (closed) during covenanting period until Glorious Revolution of 1688

1689 Andrew Fergusson

1693/1700 William Kyle or Keith- could be the same person or two different people?

1712 Thomas Hay

1725-1769 John Dickson (minister for 43 years)

1770 James Caddel or Caddell

1791 Anthony Stewart

1800 Samuel Kennedy

1803 Peter McMaster

1811-1854 William McKergo (minister for 43 years- died in the manse)

1854-1862 William Kerr (moved to parish of Stair, East Ayrshire)

1863-1908 William Forsyth (minister for 45 years, longest serving minister)

1909-1948 James Francis Graham (minister for 39 years)

1949-1969 Francis Chambers

10th March 1969- linked with Old Luce under WG Tran

1974-1985 Alec Robertson

The Church closed in 2016

One thought on “New Luce Ministers

  1. Michael Irvine

    Hi 2013Kate,

    I’m following up on a story I posted in 2011 to which you replied to back in 2013. Wow – how time flies. My post was about Jessie Queen (Irvine) Edmunds, my grandaunt, who drowned in the river near the Black Pot – thank you for that detail.

    I visited New Luce as planned in 2012. I also spent time in the library in Dumfries. I ended up writing a short story about Jessie based on what I had learned; it’s not published – just for me – and I’m no author. I learned it was Samuel (Alan’s grandfather) who found a torn off pocket from her apron along with her wedding ring pinned to a tree that sparked the hunt. Her body would not be found for 12 days – during which time it had made it’s way to the weir down by Viaduct Cottage where it got stuck. It was discovered by 12 year old Alex Armstrong, son of the Water Watcher, John Armstrong, while out fishing. I included a little more about the Kenmuir Arms, Stair Arms and their proprietors of the time. I’d be happy to upload a PDF if anyone was interested and the admins allowed.

    Mike Irvine

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