17. School 1924 (Closer Photo)

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Teachers Jerome Wallace & Helen M. Crombie.
Back Row: Jim Kelly, Billy McDowall, Andy Seaton, Jim McKnight, Tom Thomson.
Middle Row: Mr. Wallace, Hugh Hardie, John Kelly, ? McGrady, Molly Crichton, Nellie McMillan, Sadie Caig, Rab McCreadie, Billy McGuire, Ed Seaton, Miss Crombie.
Front Row: Davie McGuire, Alex Forster, John Kevan, Mary Fraser, Lizzie Cronie, Jean Graham, Grace Fraser, Crack Cronie, ? Wilson.

3 thoughts on “17. School 1924 (Closer Photo)

  1. Neale Post author

    Hi Ngaire,
    Just spoke to my mum she tells me that she can remember Helen very well. She could also tell me that it was more likely to have been Daisy McCaig that lived over the road.

  2. Ngaire

    HI there, how thrilled am i to find this site. My Father was born in New Luce in 1920, he was the son of Jean Baird Mclean and James Todd, My father was known as Jim Todd, he had a brother John, and sisters Margaret, Helen and Betty. His mothers brother was Jimmy Mclean who married Molly. “Aunt Lizzy” was my Grandmothers sister. The thing is…….I will be visiting New Luce later this month (May 2012) and would be delighted to know if any of your local folk could help me discover a little of his past. I have many photos of New Luce mostly family photos that i will scan and bring with me..I will upload onto this site as soon as i am able to. my email address is tropponurse@gmail.com if you would like to contact me i would be delighted. I need to get to the Manse Pool while i am in New Luce if i can. I’d love to hear from anyone with old roots in New Luce, may be catch up for a beer at the local pub?? Cheers Ngaire (Nyree) Todd

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