3 thoughts on “James McHarg’s Dyke with Free Kirk in Background

  1. Marie

    Lovely to hear from you. The recent comment on this photo sparked conversations about Kenny at the History Club. There was a lot of laughter since he was one of the characters around the village.

  2. Iain Duncan James Nish


    I was wondering if anyone had further information/knowledge about the Nish family!

    Grace Nish, the mother of Kenny Nish, was my Great-Grandaunt. My Dad’s Grandparents and their siblings all were born and grew up on Main Street, New Luce, many of them serving in the Second World War as well (Grace’s brother, Thomas, was actually captured by the Japanese, but returned home after the war)

    I am trying to complete my family tree and gather as much information as possible about my family. I figured I would try and reach out in this group.

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