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New Luce Ministers

1647 John Crooks

1659-1663 Alexander Peden

1663- vacant (closed) during covenanting period until Glorious Revolution of 1688

1689 Andrew Fergusson

1693/1700 William Kyle or Keith- could be the same person or two different people?

1712 Thomas Hay

1725-1769 John Dickson (minister for 43 years)

1770 James Caddel or Caddell

1791 Anthony Stewart

1800 Samuel Kennedy

1803 Peter McMaster

1811-1854 William McKergo (minister for 43 years- died in the manse)

1854-1862 William Kerr (moved to parish of Stair, East Ayrshire)

1863-1908 William Forsyth (minister for 45 years, longest serving minister)

1909-1948 James Francis Graham (minister for 39 years)

1949-1969 Francis Chambers

10th March 1969- linked with Old Luce under WG Tran

1974-1985 Alec Robertson

The Church closed in 2016