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Daisy McCaig

As far as we know, Daisy McCaig was part of a large family going back to a lady who came from Ireland around the early 1800s.  Daisy deserves a special mention on this website because she was a key member of the community.  During her lifetime Jenny McQuistin put an article about Daisy in a national newspaper and when she died there were obituaries in both local newspapers.

Grace McCaig, known as Daisy Caig, lived at 10 Main Street with her husband James McCaig.  Daisy cleaned the village hall for 50 years and cleaned the telephone kiosk.  She was famed for her baking of tattie scones and pancakes.  She put on food for events in the village hall, for the annual sheepdog trials and for the Badminton Club matches.  For the matches she easily fitted 12 players into the room at No 10, indeed she would always ask if anybody else was travelling with the team because she would fit them in too.  Accommodating many people in a small space was no problem in those days.  The fire would be burning in the grate and the tables laden with sandwiches, pancakes, tattie scones and cakes.  Every surface round the room and the grate was packed with gleaming brass ornaments. 

Many folks have fond memories of Daisy.  A builder, working in the village, said that on his first day after cycling from Dunragit to a job, she called him in and said that he’d need a proper breakfast after that journey.  She cooked a huge breakfast every morning for him.  Needless to say, Daisy was never short of anybody to do the jobs about the house.

There are no photos of Daisy on her own but by searching using the search button there are a few.